The Horizon of the Unknown

The Horizon of the Unknown is an independent creator-owned comic book publisher I launched in 2015.

From the Horizon of the Unknown website: “We release our comics exclusively as one shots and standalone mini-series that don’t rely on years of continuity. There is no need to worry about being twenty issues in only to find the story has no direction; our comics have endings.

We aim to appeal to lifelong comic fans who love strong storytelling, but also to those who have never read a comic and don’t know where to begin. We provide a platform to just jump right in and start reading! In addition, all of our comics can be read right here on our site, or purchased in all the common digital comic formats!”

Our most recent comic:

Written by Benton Feight.
Art and Letters by Mike Pouch.

“The tale of the first deal ever made with the devil comes to the comic book page! Written by Benton Feight with illustration and lettering by Mike Pouch, it’s the debut release for Horizon of the Unknown! Originally created as part of Rebel Line’s anthology, Five Deals One Devil, it was one of the six short stories about desperate individuals selling their souls for deep desires.”

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Literally Mindblowing

If what people are saying is true, then it’s a totally crazy world we live in! People are laughing so hard that they literally die, Frank’s party was literally a blast, Norwegians are literally born on skis, Jessica was literally a toothpick in high school, and there was that intense situation when you failed that test – it was literally the end of the world.

This is

The purpose: to illustrate the world the way people say it actually is. Prepare to literally have your mind blown!


NODE YouTube Video 2015

In late 2015, the popular YouTube channel Node put out a call for artists to illustrate their ‘fights’ as described in a card game called ‘SuperFight’. I got in touch with them, and with only a one-week turnaround, I submitted a series of images of Chuck Norris and his battle with a T-rex and a vampire slayer!

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